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Guidance for Students

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Career Counselling

There is greater recognition than before among educators that Career Counselling is as important as any other subject taught in the school, especially at high school. Why?

  • New career disciplines are emerging rapidly in the industry globally, traditional disciplines are either becoming stagnant or obsolete.
  • Competition in traditional disciplines is increasing exponentially putting even greater stress on students and professionals to succeed at any cost, resulting in all type of psychological issues.
  • There are ~6200 engineering colleges in India producing ~1.5 million graduates every year but only 5% of them are employable, resulting in mass unemployment of Engineers*.
  • The situation in the field of medicine is reverse, there are too few colleges and too much demand. Huge disparity in demand and supply is making cost of medical education prohibitive.
  • Disciplines such as Finance, Law, Mass Media & Journalism, Economics, Design, Advertising, Pure Sciences, Research, Education, Sports, Paramedical, Social Sciences & Psychology and others have not yet seen students competing to the fullest extent, and therefore remain to be tapped fully.
  • Process driven jobs are getting automated with a greater pace than ever, leaving a large number of people in traditional disciplines unemployed.

To top it all, Indian education system equips students with in-depth knowledge of subjects but teaches very little about application. A sizable proportion of students feel lost as they are unsure of occupations and career discipline a course/ subject stream will lead to.

We are here to fill the gap, by providing much need exposure to students about various occupations and career choices available in the global industry so that students can make informed decisions.

Out personalised one-to-one career counselling and career awareness workshops provide much needed, first-hand understanding of available occupations by practitioners in those occupations. 

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Career Interest Assessment

“Success and satisfactions are achievable when you pursue work you are passionate about”
Why Career Interest Assessment?
It is important to discover the type of work you are truly interested in doing in your career. Your choice of occupation decides the level of satisfaction in the career.
Key to a satisfying career is to develop it around the areas of your core interest.
With expansion in economies worldwide and industries going truly global, it is now possible to build long lasting and satisfying careers in areas there were considered unconventional in the past.
Will it not be then wonderful if there was an assessment that tells you with certainty and backed by decades of research, the areas of your core interests and wide range of occupations aligned to your areas of interest?

What does our assessment provide you?

The career interest assessment we use lays out following things clearly for you:

  • Your preferred Occupational Themes.
  • Your Basic Areas of Interest.
  • 10 occupations that are most suitable to your Areas of Interest.
  • List of 130 distinct occupations and your suitability for them in terms of level of satisfaction.
  • Courses and majors you may need to study to pursue your chosen occupations
  • Your preference of work environments in terms of following:
    1. Your preference for working in team or alone
    2. Your preference for working in team or alone
    3. Appetite for risk taking
    4. Your preferred learning environment
  • In addition to above, we provide you resources to explore your shortlisted occupational choices in detail in terms of following:
    1. Activities and tasks that you will need to perform in an occupation
    2. Global demand
    3. Remuneration range
    4. Future prospect
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Personality Assessment

Ever wonder why some people don’t find satisfaction in workplaces even after having exceptional depth of knowledge and keen interest in their work domain? The answer may lye in core facets of their personality that do not align with their occupation or work environment. One’s ability to navigate through the career has a direct link with their personality preferences and the work environments they are in. Different job profiles or occupations within an industry may require certain personality traits in order to sustain and succeed. Any conflict in the behaviours that the job demands and the individual’s core traits may result in dissatisfaction and constant feeling of getting stuck in a job.
Myers and Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality types is one of the most reliable and widely used personality assessment instruments used in the world for self-discovery and career suitability.
MBTI® clearly lays out differences in people’s personalities in terms of 4 dichotomies
  • Introversion or Extraversion: How an individual draws energy? Internally (internal thought process) or from external world.
  • Sensing or Intuition: How people take in and process information?
  • Thinking or Feeling: How people make decisions?
  • Judging or Perceiving: How people approach outer world and structure their thought process?
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Inventory of Careers, Courses and Colleges

“Early awareness on occupations goes a long way in motivating students to pursue studies with clarity”
Our Career Exploration tool provides students the access to a rich repository of a large number of occupations and their detailed descriptions, for first-hand career exploration.
If a student is clear about their Career Interests, they can explore occupations in their areas of interests. If not, our Career Interest Assessment can help identify top 3 most suitable occupational themes and introduces them to more than 130 occupations.
Once a student has shortlisted their occupations/ career interest areas, our integrated college planning tool helps further exploration by providing courses that student needs to study in high school & college in order to pursue careers in their chosen interest areas.
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Career & College Planning tool

College Planning tool, which is integrated with the Career Exploration tool, can be used to choose courses to study in order to pursue chosen Careers. College planning tool provides rich repository of course and colleges globally so that you do not have to restrict your colleges search for chosen course to a few countries alone.
The College Planning tool, requires a student to create their profile in terms of their areas of interests, educational background, countries of choice for college education etc. and then suggests:
  • Aspirational Colleges
  • Best-Fit Colleges
  • Safe Colleges

Student can mark specific colleges from the lists to make their own list of Course and Colleges to target for the college admissions.

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Personalised College Admission Plan

Students in class XI & XII and their parents are faced with a complex task of planning for college admissions. The college admission planning does not only involve identifying a list of course and colleges, but several other important aspects mentioned below:
  • Countries in consideration
  • Shortlisted courses
  • Shortlisted colleges
  • Average tuition fee per year for each college
  • Eligibility criterion
  • Admission procedure
  • Important dates and application timelines
  • Entrance tests
  • Student intake
  • Student’s chances of getting into a chosen college based on their academic records
  • College Admission Tool allows a student to create a personalised college admission plan with their shortlisted colleges.
Tool provide all the information listed above for admissions in one place so that you do not have to look beyond the tool for your admission planning and tracking
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Essay / SOP Guidance 

“Admission officers in the Universities look for genuine stories and not the fabricated ones”
Why an SOP is crucial?
Many top colleges and universities require students to write and submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP) as part of their application for admission. SOP is considered as important a document as academic background of the student. Some colleges give SOP greater weightage than the academic background due to their policy of selecting candidates who have a well-rounded profile.
SOP should be written by the student in their own words and at minimum needs to include their reasons for choosing a University/ College and Course, their suitability for it, their interests, career objectives and educational background.
Some colleges use a few short questions to gather information from students on their life experiences, successes, challenges faced, learnings etc. instead of calling it an SOP.
Irrespective of the format, SOP needs to be genuine and authentic. Key is to ensure that it is written by the students in their own words and it covers all relevant details of their life journey, learnings, interests and objectives.

How we can help?

We believe that a fixed structure of SOP does not apply to all student profiles. In other words, it is student’s profile, which should decide the SOP structure and therefore it needs to be personalised.
We help students through interactive sessions to unearth their most relevant achievements, experiences, learnings, challenges overcome and equip them to compose their own personal story.  
Key to developing a relevant and original SOP is seeing it from the perspective of university admissions officers and our Green Belt Global Career counsellors possess requisite insight
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